HTB Cyber Apocalypse 2022

Proud to be one of the #indian team on the top 100 Scoreboard. Rank #73 out of 7024 Teams.

We are TamilCTF

A leading CTF team from Tamil Nadu full of cybersecurity enthusiasts. We encourage people to learn cybersecurity and practise a safer and happy internet. TamilCTF conducts events through which our team members will share the knowledge they have gained in the field of cybersecurity.

Who We Are!

TamilCTF is a team of cybersecurity enthusiasts from TamilNadu formed in 2020. We are more than a CTF team; we hosted TAMILSEC CON(Cybersecurity conference), One International CTF event in 2021-sept, and a state-level CTF event in 2021-May. Our team consists of players from Tamil Nadu who are passionate about Information Security, Ethical Hacking and eager to learn more in this field. The team is currently in 269 positions on CTFtime out of 31,493+ teams.

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        Local File Inclusion β€” 9 Apr 2022

        Path Traversal Via os.path.join

        CTF Challenge from NullCon CTF 2022 - Sourcer. We Need to Perform a Path Traversal to Get One Directory Back to Read the Flag.

        DOM CLOBBERING β€” 28 Mar 2022

        WSC CTF DOM clobbering

        Submit an image link to our "evaluator" and steal their cookie!. Another XSS Chal at First sight, But The Chal Name says Clobber!

        Cross Site Scripting β€” 28 Mar 2022

        XSS 401 (Abusing URL parser)

        This the a XSS challenge, We need to find XSS to Steal Admin Cookies.

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